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  • By Matthys July 14, 2020 In

    SEN381 Project

    SEN381 Project Details:Category:Software Engineering 381Client:UniversityDevelopers:MatthysThis project represents the accumulation of the work and experience that I have acquired through university up to the point of submission. I was required to

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  • By Matthys July 3, 2020 In

    Critical Path Calculator

    Critical Path Calculator Details:Category:Project ManagementClient:Personal ProjectDevelopers:MatthysThis project is focused on developing a program that that can find the critical path for tasks in a project, using the duration and predecessors.

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  • By Matthys July 2, 2020 In

    Plane Sim – Shortest Route

    Plane Sim – Shortest Route Details:Category:ProgrammingClient:University ProjectDevelopers:Matthys van RooyenNeolin PachaiMatthew WestThis project is focused on developing a program that simulates the flight path of a plane to a given destination

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